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Area 45 Information

Area 45 spans between Eddie's Cove West and Eddie's Cove East on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador. This area is mainly on the Western side to the South, and spans all the way across the peninsula to the North. Our five camps are located in the Northern section of Area 45 and in the heart of the Northern Newfoundland wilderness. Our Camps are all ATV accessible. Our guides will transport hunters to and from camp using Argos. Our locations provide great scenery for our hunters, as well as some of the best hunting Newfoundland has to offer. Our success rate is 95%-100%!

Camp Info

Our camps will provide a comfortable stay for our hunters. Guides and Hunters will have separate rooms, with two single beds in each. We also have a cook in each camp, and we will guarantee you will not go away hungry. She will prepare breakfast every morning, and home-cooked meals in the evening. We also have running water, so after your day of hunting you will be able to enjoy a nice hot shower! We have indoor toilet facilities in all camps. Soap, shampoo and pillows will be provided.

Our Camps

We Have Five Full Camps:
  1. Belby Pond
  2. Owl Pond
  3. Christopher's Lake
  4. "New Camp"
  5. Micpeg
We Also Have Two Spike Camps:
  1. Near Christopher's Lake
  2. Near Owl Pond