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  • Had a great caribou hunt. Everything about this hunt has been first rate. From Shirley handling all of the details of travel and dealing with Covid tests, to the hunt, camp, and meat handling. Took a nice caribou stag early in the hunt and was able to spend a few days in camp relaxing. Rosie’s cooking was exceptional and the entire camp was great. Thanks to everyone at Dylan’s Northern Edge Outfitters for everything!
    Dan Kluth, Kimberly, Idaho
  • William was after his first ever moose. Randy and Tom came along for the experience. Everything was top notch! The communication and preparation leading up to our arrival was excellent. Thanks Shirley! Thanks to Dylan and Colby, Will was able to get an absolute trophy moose (37” 13 pt) the first hunt! The rest of the time was relaxing and enjoying Rosie’s great cooking. All around great group and would definitely return!
    William and Randy Hill & Tom Moreland, Spring Grove, PA
  • This was my first moose hunt and first fully guided hunt I was ever on. Hands down way better than I ever expected. Colby was my guide. Saw one big bull moose on our way into camp Sunday afternoon. Saw a total of 24 moose while hunting between Sunday night and Wednesday night. Passed on three bulls and ended up taking a 7 point on Wednesday evening. As for Rosie, well I didn’t go hungry! The best cook in NL for sure. Never expected 3 hot meals a day. Met some new friends and great people. Already booked for 2023. Thanks for everything.
    Andy Swingholm, Richland, PA
  • First moose hunt – and with my son! Great hunts, great food, great comraderie! Rosie is an excellent chef morning, noon, and night – I gained 10 lbs in 1 week. Colby keeps everyone laughing. My guide Emanuel worked hard all week. Passed on 9 bulls and shot a cow in the last hour of the last day. Due to Covid, Shirley went above and beyond to make everything happen. Will be back in 2024 for Caribou hunt. Thanks to all!
    Jerry Stoner, Denver, PA
  • This was the absolute best trip I have been on here at Owl Pond. Trent went out of his way to make sure we hunted every day and allowed me to stalk caribou the way I like to despite the rain and wind. Trent is an outstanding guide and person. He even likes to bow hunt now. 32 point stag.
    Mike Vizzaro, Port Norris, NJ
  • What a journey. After patiently waiting on a negative Covid test to cross the border we were on our way. Beautiful countryside. Ferry ride to Newfoundland was cool. Mike got a 12 pt 33 in spread Monday morning and I was lucky enough to get a 17 pt 40 in spread Tuesday morning thanks to my awesome guide Sid. David treated Mike so well. Kim kept us well fed with lots of sweets and homemade bread. Romantic boat ride on the lade too! Lots of laughs playing cards. What a great hardworking crew. We could not be happier with this trip.
    Mike & Kathy Beckel, York, PA
  • Most wonderful experience of a lifetime. You are the most wonderful people in the world. My guide David is one of the best guides in the world. Everybody at Owl Pond is the best. Even Trent.
    Robert Suttle, NY, USA
  • Top notch! Great owners, superb organization and flexibility. Excellent team of guides and equipment. The cooking by Kim was always superb. Our team of four clients all harvested great bulls – 28 moose seen in three days. A special thanks to Trent for getting me my first bull moose – a beautiful 7 pt 33 inch. A very satisfied client.
    John Ball
  • I had the wonderful opportunity to hunt with Northern Edge. Right from the start of the hunt with Keif we had the opportunity for moose. I was also able to experience the beautiful country as well as seeing numerous Caribou. What topped the hunt was making a group of friends that will last a lifetime. Keif, Trent, Sid, Garrison and Brenda were way beyond expectation. Forever grateful to experience this hunt with the friends I came up with and my new friends at Northern Edge. Hope to make it up again
    Marc Cwynar
  • When I first met Dylan & Shirley at the Outdoorsman Show in Harrisburg, PA back in 2017, I knew they were the right outfitters for our trip. The experience that the crew in our camp provided to myself & closest friends has been far beyond any expectation I had. This was a dream hunt come true for me, and it was made special by everyone here.
    Michael Vaneman, New Castle, PA
  • We waited for 3 years for this hunt and it far surpassed our expectations. Weather was not ideal but all four of us tagged out. My hunt came down to the last minute but the best crew in the business made sure I had every chance to realize my dream of shooting an animal of a lifetime. Trent hunted his rear off with me and Keif pitched in and Lady Luck smiled on me. 49" bull with 21 points on Thursday night. As everyone before me said. Miss Brenda, Trent, Keif Garrison and Sid are by far the best in the business. They all made us feel at home and welcomed us as a family.
    Mike Jackson, New Castle, PA
  • This was a great hunt, shot an exceptional caribou, the guides were great and the cook made fabulous food, couldn't have asked for anything more. I give this a 5 star all around.
    Daryl Spitler
  • From the first time I talked with Shirley on da phone I knew we were in the right place for "da moose hunt". Once in the camp we were treated like family. Food, accommodations, and the hunting experience is 2nd to none. The guides were very friendly + hard working + experienced. Thanks to Dylan, Colby, Harvey, Manuel, and best of all my guide Kieffer. Rosie is a very good cook + pleasant to chat with once the hunt was done. I was extremely blessed to have limited out the 1st day at night with a beautiful 12pt paddled bull with Kief @ 300 yds. Then a bear the next morning at day break. "A once in a life time experience"- :) Thanks again for the new friendships + playing cards at night. Wish you all the best in the future + hope to see you in the future. God bless + take care.
    Jeff Dulude, Midland, MI
  • Right from the ride in I knew our group was in for a great hunt. Can't say enough good about conversations with Dylan & Shirley answering all our pre-hunt questions. The hunt was outstanding - shot a 6pt on third day. Manuel is a worker, never stops. Food was great with Rosie really serving a diversified spread throughout the week. I put on a few pounds I'm sure this week! Evenings filled with conversation and cards - Euchre Fest. All guides very giving and fun to hear their stories. This memory will stay with me for life. Thanks more than you can imagine.
    Jeff Dwan
  • This was my 4th moose hunt in Newfoundland, my first with Northern Edge Outfitters. During my 3 previous hunts I saw a total of 0 moose. Each camp was 100% except for me. I was jinxed. Colby fixed that, Showed me 2 bull and 1 cow the first day. On the 2nd day he called in 2 separate bulls. No shot at the first one, the 2nd one broke the jinx. 5 point called in, by mouth, to less than 100 yards. I am impressed by the skill. Grateful to have been in camp with such a great group of guides (Colby, Emanuel, Keif) fellow hunters Randy & Jack. And greatest of all Rosie, the greatest cook and hostess in the north. I'll be back.
    Dana Leet, Smethport, PA
  • 1st time hunting this part of the country. Colby, Emanuel + Keif worked hard, and great at making the hunt successful and enjoyable. Rosie kept us well fed and very helpful with making everyone feel welcome. Hate to see the week come to an end.
    Lonny Hughes
  • My first hunting with Dylan. Booked this hunt at the Great American Outdoor Show in PA Picked Dylan and Shirley because they seemed sincere and very truthful about my chances of killing a bull. The hunt has been fantastic. They are wonderful people, hard working and dedicated to produce a great time. I killed 8pt bull today it was exciting and the time of my life. I can't thank the staff enough Rosie - the best cook in Newfoundland, Dylan, Colby and Dave great guides and Shirley for all she does. Thanks for making my experience here in Newfoundland one I will never forget.
    Rolland Thomas, Merrill New York - 8pt bull
  • My first trip to Belby Camp exceeded all expectations!! Dylan and Shirley run a 1st class hunting operation!! From my guide Colby, to Rosie the top shelf cook, and Emanuel. They are all excellent at what they do! But more important, they are all friends!! I killed 9 pt bull moose on second evening of hunt. Thanks to Colby again for making a dream come true!! Great hunt, great time had by all of us!! Thanks again!! PS See you all again Oct. 2021
    Bert Morgan, New Jersey - 9pt Bull
  • My second trip up hunting with Dylan, Had a great time both trip. The first trip we had rough weather most of the week, but Dylan and crew worked hard to get all three of us our moose. This trip was no different. Great guides, an excellent cook and a fantastic week. Got my caribou the morning of the first day. Rest of group got their moose as the week went on. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a great adventure!
    Steve Cross, North Huntingdon, PA
  • What a great week. We had a very enjoyable hunting adventure. The guides went above and beyond what we expected. The team work on all aspects was incredible. The food and hospitality was awesome. Everyone made us feel like a part of their family. The guides are very knowledgeable of the area and the probable location for the animals, which our party of 4 seen everyday. Their equipment is top notch and the camp is clean and cozy which makes it so much more enjoyable. From the start of the booking to our departure everything flowed smoothly and communications between owners and clients is amazing. Definitely being ran by the right people. If you are looking for a Newfoundland hunt, this is the hunt for you! Also as a female hunter I felt very respected and had a great time.
    Scott, Matt + Tina, Pennsylvania
  • This place is remarkable. From Dylan (my guide and owner) to Shirley, cook Rosie, Guides Dylan, Colby, Emanuel, Dave. All were professional, friendly and went out of their way to help you always. Special note to cook Rosie for super meals all week. Special note to my needs, which were many, his knowledge of guiding is superb. Shot my 8 point the second day at 8:30 AM. Hunted with my "Older" brother Ralph and Gil Gilson from PA. Thanks to all.
    Dick Diller, Castorland, NY
  • I began setting up this hunt almost 20 months ago. Shirley has been nothing but helpful all along the way. Me, my dad and friend Frank were here the first week of 2018. We seen 40+ moose over 4 days before all 3 of us killing out. I shot a 7 pt. bull on day 4. Emanuel, Colby and Jason. Rosie went out of her way to make us all feel welcomed and at home. Her cooking is top notch. Definitely feel like we made some friends and memories this week. Great outfit and great people.
    Ronnie Bruce, Indiana - 7 pt Bull
  • Met Shirley and Dylan at outdoor show in Harrisburg, PA in 2017. Booked a hunt for 2018 season. Checked around at the show with other outfitters but felt more comfortable with Northern Edge Outfitters we were not disappointed. Came with Gil Gilson and my brother Richard, we all tagged out with 11, 10, 8 point bulls. Everyone in the camp made us feel really at home and were fun to be around. Rosie, our cook, was a really good cook and ran the camp with perfection. Guides Colby, Emanuel, and David and Dylan were excellent guides and worked hard to accommodate all of our needs. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU For a really great time. See you at the show!!
    Ralph Diller- 11, 10, 8 pt Bulls
  • This was our first trip to Newfoundland to hunt moose. We could not have had a better group of guides and cook. The hunt was hard but Sid, Trent and Garrison did everything they could to make our hunt a memory that will never be forgotten. Tim got a nice 6pt bull on 9/11/2018 thanks to his guide Garrison. Craig shot nice big cow on 9/13/2018 with Sid by his side. And the last min. man Brian put down a "small" 4pt bull at 9:05 AM last morning thanks to Trent. We cant forget the food, the food was more than we could ever have asked for. Thank you so much Brenda for what you have done. This for us was probably the most fun we ever had on a hunt so far. It brought us closer together as friends but also made 4 great new friends that we will never forget. All 3 of us want to thank you and can't wait to see you all again.
    Tim, Brian and Craig
  • This is my first hunt here and it will not be my last. This place is awesome to say the least. The food, the chef, and the guides are top notch and they really work hard to make this hunt one I will never forget, thank you Shirley and Dylan for the great memories. My guide was Jason and he was great and very informative. I will return thanks. Got a 10 point bull
    Tim Harless Balto, MD - 10 pt Bull
  • A huge thanks to my guide Trent W. The excitement he had when he spotted my bull will never be forgotten. He said big bull, big palms after the stalk and one shot the big bull was down we danced around a bit. This hunt was very exciting. Thanks to the other guides Sid and Garrison for the teamwork they had throughout our hunt. Guy G. and Randy were both successful as well. Thank you our camp cook Brenda, Every meal was A-Plus. Northern Edge Outfitters Great Job!
    George Young, Standish MI
  • This is my 7th trip to Owl Pond. Guides are always top shelf and hard working. Brenda's cooking is awesome as always, Sid working very hard as my guide. We had a lot of good laughs and a great time.
    Richard Smith, Port Norris, NJ
  • Hunted 2 days, seen 9 moose, 50 caribou. Stood amongst herd of 30 caribou as the giant bull fought, grunted beside us. Passed 7 point bull day 1. Day 2 Dylan called bigger 9pt bull into 40 yards. Truly an amazing adventure. The amount of animals, the boat, the bikes, the stunning scenery were incredible. Better than the hunt were the amazing people, Dylan, "Colby", Rosie. We leave with a lifetime of memories. This adventure was filmed for a TV documentary series called Canada in the Rough. It will air in Canada & USA in 2018 on 7 channels, in 2019 in 25 countries. I feel like our 2 days of filming hunting will surely make a spectacular show. I hope they let me come again.
    Keith Beasley, Peterborough, ON
  • We came in hoping to get some good footage and put together a decent episode, and boy did Dylan deliver! Two days of amazing hunting - lots of moose, some great close encounters with some giant caribou, and a beautiful 9pt bull at 50 yards for the icing on top. Couldn't have scripted it better if I tried. Enjoyed great food and great company in camp with Dylan and Rosie. And yes, with Colby too. Lots of laughs and great hunting. All the best guys!
    Jake Thompson, Cameraman for Canada in the Rough, Peterborough, Ontario
  • This is the 2nd time I have been here and got a 9pt bull 1st day. I had rest of the week telling great stories and eating Brenda's great food. The people are very great and do anything to get your moose. Gain about 10lbs. eating good food, a great place to have fun and hunt.
    Richard Leise, Argyle, NY - 9pt Bull
  • This camp was great. Had a great time, saw a lot of good country. Saw a cow, calf, bull and unknown. Shot a 5pt bull. Brenda the cook was keeping us in food and full at every meal. had a great time had to leave early.
    David Godfrey, Pennellville, NY - 5pt Bull
  • This camp was the best run of any camp we have been in. Very good, maintained equipment. Outstanding cook and guides. Saw lots of moose, but had to leave camp early due to sickness in family, only hunted two days, but had a shot at one bull
    John Godfrey, Pennellville, NY
  • My 4th trip to Newfoundland for moose hunting, very lucky to be successful again. Freezer full again. Sid and Brenda perfect in every way. I think I gained 5lbs. this week because of the great food. Thanks again for a great week.
    Vaughn Vernold, Fort Edward, NY
  • It has been a truly awesome trip! Guide got me a 6-point moose and 13-point caribou - Thank you! The stories and laughs with Sid, Dylan, Jason and Brenda will be retold, time and again. Brenda's cooking..... I don't think I can describe how great it is and the smells of the fresh baked bread, and Jason did an awesome job frying the fish - he might need to become a cook. The memories will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you - Thank you!
    Jonathan Schiller, Montevideo, MN 6pt Moose & 13pt Caribou
  • I would rate my trip to Owl Pond as EXCELLENT!! From the first meal Sunday night through to the end it only got better as the week went on. Right!! Haha. My guide, Sid, got me on a bull moose by 9:00 Monday morning (18pts) The we, (he) spent the day getting it back to camp. He, (they) clean up the meat as if it were their own. Excellent hunt, excellent retrieval of meat. By Wednesday Sid has me on my stag caribou by 12:30. The kill, the camping, the quartering and transfer of meat all as if it were his own. Excellent qualities for the guides and outfitter to have. My caribou was 28pts. Besides all this, I get to stain door frames and chop wood. Right HaHa. Thank you very much for such a successful hunting trip. Sid, Brenda, Dylan, Garrison, Jason you're the greatest!
    Tim Radermecher, Montevideo, MN - 18pt Bull and 28pt Stag
  • I had a great week, as usual, Emmanuel found me a moose the first morning. (he really knows his stuff) Rosie fixed great meals as usual. It is always good to know that I will be in camp with Emmanuel, Colby, Rosie and Trent. I could not ask for a better time.
    Ron Hord
  • Truly one of those experiences you can't put into words, but I'll try. Right from the start, this group had the communication to put a traveling hunter at ease. Upon arrival, it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The whole crew, from the guides to the cook, Rosie, to the captain, Shirley, you're treated like family. After all this, there's the hunting. The ability to accommodate any hunter sets these folks apart. They can put anyone on a moose, regardless of physical ability. I can say, without a doubt, we showed up as customers, but we left as family.
    Bret O'Keefe, Michigan - 11pt Moose
  • Great hunt, great food, great people! Dylan and his gang at Belby made us feel like family. Can't say thank you enough for a wonderful hunt! Everyone got a quality bull moose. Mine was a 15pt bull. Special thanks to Rosie for some wonderful meals. Also would like to thank Manuel for being a wonderful guide! This is beautiful country, and we had beautiful weather. Camp was warm and wonderful. I would strongly suggest you book a hunt with Northern Edge Outfitters.
    Douglas Frank, Saint Charles, Michigan - 15pt Bull
  • Where do I begin? Without a doubt, the greatest hunting trip of my life. The Belby staff are all top-notch guides and cooks. Colby put me on a fantastic 20pt bull moose for a 200 yard shot. All three of us in our group shot great trophy bulls. I can't say enough good things about this experience. Lots of good food, spirits, jokes and laughs. We had great weather all week. Dylan even made time to take us on a wonderful boat ride. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our week successful and memorable. A special thanks to "Queen" Rosie who kept our bellies full. My prayer will be for Dylan & Shirley to continue to provide such a quality camp for many years to come. I have made four new friends at Belby, Colby, Dylan, Manuel, and Rosie. May God bless each of you.
    Mark Camilleri - 20pt Bull
  • This was my 6th trip to Owl Pond. I am never disappointed in the service, guides, and owners. I am made to feel at home and consider all to be my good friends. Everyone gives over 100% to please. Great cook, and very skilled guides. May be back for trip number 7!
    Richard Smith, New Jersey - 7pt Bull and 35pt Stag
  • Last one to get my moose, second day at 6:15pm. Dylan and Manny never quit - bull came in after 1.5 hours of calling - 1 shot @ 70yds. Before I ate my last spoonful of dinner, Rosie pushed the dessert in front of me. Already planning my next trip - Somebody call my wife and tell her I'm not coming home!!
    Bruce Yocum, Allentown PA - 12pt Bull
  • Great people. Colby, Manuel, Trent, Dylan are the most accommodating guides I have ever hunted with. Everyone gets along, which really makes the experience enjoyable. Rosie is the best cook and host I have ever met. The best to all you people at Northern Edge Outfitters. I will tell everyone what a great experience I had. Thanks again!!
    Larry Eekhoff - 8pt Bull
  • I met some people I will never forget. They were kind and friendly and more than a little crazy. I never had a guide that worked harder than Sid. Our cook Brenda bakes bread and made outstanding meals EVERY day. This has been an outstanding hunt and experience. GREAT PEOPLE!
    Dale Spencer, Upstate NY - 7pt Bull
  • This is my first hunt out of my local area in upstate New York. I didn't know what I was missing! Hard-working guides and cook made this a great week. Got a fine moose and had a great time. Hope to do this again. Thank you to all of you (even Sam).
    Walt Settlifl, Upstate NY - 10pt Bull
  • Really exciting hunt. Everything was so good, only thing bad was that it was done too soon, which isn't really bad! Thanks to all you guys, you were great. Thanks so much!
    Richie Schilte - 7pt Moose & 28pt Caribou
  • This is my 3rd moose hunt in Newfoundland & by far the most enjoyable. Thanks to a great cook and a great group of guides.
    Vaughn Vernold, Upstate NY - 6pt Bull
  • This was my 3rd hunt at Owl Pond - 2000, 2002, 2015 - and my 4th hunt in Newfoundland (Belby Pond 1997). This was my first caribou hunt and I harvested a 26pt stag on the fifth day. I saw 12 stags and 10 does in 5 days of hunting. The weather was tough - excessive wind all 5 days and rain. My guide Trent did a great job and was very enthusiastic. We saw most of the country around Owl Pond. Garrison and Sid also did a great job. Brenda was very hospitable and a great cook. Owl Pond has a great staff! This was a very enjoyable trip. My son, Noah, was able to accompany me and was introduced to a great group of Newfies. Thank you all.
    Paul Mechling, Pierpont OH - 26pt Stag
  • This was my first moose hunt in Newfoundland. It was a great experience. My guide Sid helped me harvest a 10pt bull moose with palms after two hard days of hunting in the wind. I can't imagine a better group of people for my first hunt. Owl Pond has a great staff of guides and cook, very helpful and friendly. Thank you!
    Noah Mechling, Dennison, OH - 10pt Bull


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