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What our Clients have to say

  • Truly one of those experiences you can't put into words, but I'll try. Right from the start, this group had the communication to put a traveling hunter at ease. Upon arrival, it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The whole crew, from the guides to the cook, Rosie, to the captain, Shirley, you're treated like family. After all this, there's the hunting. The ability to accommodate any hunter sets these folks apart. They can put anyone on a moose, regardless of physical ability. I can say, without a doubt, we showed up as customers, but we left as family.
    Bret O'Keefe, Michigan - 11pt Moose
  • Great hunt, great food, great people! Dylan and his gang at Belby made us feel like family. Can't say thank you enough for a wonderful hunt! Everyone got a quality bull moose. Mine was a 15pt bull. Special thanks to Rosie for some wonderful meals. Also would like to thank Manuel for being a wonderful guide! This is beautiful country, and we had beautiful weather. Camp was warm and wonderful. I would strongly suggest you book a hunt with Northern Edge Outfitters.
    Douglas Frank, Saint Charles, Michigan - 15pt Bull
  • Where do I begin? Without a doubt, the greatest hunting trip of my life. The Belby staff are all top-notch guides and cooks. Colby put me on a fantastic 20pt bull moose for a 200 yard shot. All three of us in our group shot great trophy bulls. I can't say enough good things about this experience. Lots of good food, spirits, jokes and laughs. We had great weather all week. Dylan even made time to take us on a wonderful boat ride. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our week successful and memorable. A special thanks to "Queen" Rosie who kept our bellies full. My prayer will be for Dylan & Shirley to continue to provide such a quality camp for many years to come. I have made four new friends at Belby, Colby, Dylan, Manuel, and Rosie. May God bless each of you.
    Mark Camilleri - 20pt Bull
  • This was my 6th trip to Owl Pond. I am never disappointed in the service, guides, and owners. I am made to feel at home and consider all to be my good friends. Everyone gives over 100% to please. Great cook, and very skilled guides. May be back for trip number 7!
    Richard Smith, New Jersey - 7pt Bull and 35pt Stag
  • Last one to get my moose, second day at 6:15pm. Dylan and Manny never quit - bull came in after 1.5 hours of calling - 1 shot @ 70yds. Before I ate my last spoonful of dinner, Rosie pushed the dessert in front of me. Already planning my next trip - Somebody call my wife and tell her I'm not coming home!!
    Bruce Yocum, Allentown PA - 12pt Bull
  • Great people. Colby, Manuel, Trent, Dylan are the most accommodating guides I have ever hunted with. Everyone gets along, which really makes the experience enjoyable. Rosie is the best cook and host I have ever met. The best to all you people at Northern Edge Outfitters. I will tell everyone what a great experience I had. Thanks again!!
    Larry Eekhoff - 8pt Bull
  • I met some people I will never forget. They were kind and friendly and more than a little crazy. I never had a guide that worked harder than Sid. Our cook Brenda bakes bread and made outstanding meals EVERY day. This has been an outstanding hunt and experience. GREAT PEOPLE!
    Dale Spencer, Upstate NY - 7pt Bull
  • This is my first hunt out of my local area in upstate New York. I didn't know what I was missing! Hard-working guides and cook made this a great week. Got a fine moose and had a great time. Hope to do this again. Thank you to all of you (even Sam).
    Walt Settlifl, Upstate NY - 10pt Bull
  • Really exciting hunt. Everything was so good, only thing bad was that it was done too soon, which isn't really bad! Thanks to all you guys, you were great. Thanks so much!
    Richie Schilte - 7pt Moose & 28pt Caribou
  • This is my 3rd moose hunt in Newfoundland & by far the most enjoyable. Thanks to a great cook and a great group of guides.
    Vaughn Vernold, Upstate NY - 6pt Bull
  • This was my 3rd hunt at Owl Pond - 2000, 2002, 2015 - and my 4th hunt in Newfoundland (Belby Pond 1997). This was my first caribou hunt and I harvested a 26pt stag on the fifth day. I saw 12 stags and 10 does in 5 days of hunting. The weather was tough - excessive wind all 5 days and rain. My guide Trent did a great job and was very enthusiastic. We saw most of the country around Owl Pond. Garrison and Sid also did a great job. Brenda was very hospitable and a great cook. Owl Pond has a great staff! This was a very enjoyable trip. My son, Noah, was able to accompany me and was introduced to a great group of Newfies. Thank you all.
    Paul Mechling, Pierpont OH - 26pt Stag
  • This was my first moose hunt in Newfoundland. It was a great experience. My guide Sid helped me harvest a 10pt bull moose with palms after two hard days of hunting in the wind. I can't imagine a better group of people for my first hunt. Owl Pond has a great staff of guides and cook, very helpful and friendly. Thank you!
    Noah Mechling, Dennison, OH - 10pt Bull


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